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Red Cedar Hangars

Red Cedar Hangars

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Natural moth protection without chemicals. American red cedar has a fragrant aroma that is pleasing to people but repels moths. Therefore, you can keep your clothes moth-free with cedar wood products.

To use: Hang 2-5 cedar pieces up per wardrobe unit in such a way that they are not covered by clothes. In drawers or storage compartments, 2 pieces are adequate. Place the cedar items on a piece of paper to protect the clothing from the oils in the cedar. When the scent begins to fade, rough the wood slightly with sandpaper.

2 cedar hangars come in a pack.

This type of moth protection is absolutely environmentally friendly, since American red cedar is not an endangered plant cultivated under governmental regulations. 

Made from untreated cedar wood.

Size: 19 x 5 x 1.7 cm