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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

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Medium Dark Roast (Skyhawk) Coffee

This medium dark roast coffee is supplied to us by Propeller Coffee in returnable and refillable pails with a custom airtight seal to make sure your beans remain fresh. How cool is that! 

  • Direct Trade Beans
  • B Corp Certified

A nod to classic dark roasts. Carefully sourced and roasted to showcase rich body, mellow acidity, and intense flavour. A consistent and dependable everyday cup.

Tasting Notes: Caramel + Chocolate + Hazelnut


  • Colombia 100%

Pourover Brewing Parameters:

  • 24 grams medium-ground coffee
  • 384ml hot water
  • 2:30-3:00 minutes
  • 15g water : 1g coffee

They source and roast the highest quality green coffee available, as such, they do not need to roast exceptionally dark to attain many of the qualities that customers love about a delicious dark roast; dark chocolate, nutty, and rich caramel notes are all present in this Skyhawk offering.


**Skyhawk is the updated name for Propeller Dark - it is everything that Propeller Dark is & was, just renamed and with a fresh description due to popular demand.