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Diaper Pail Liners
Diaper Pail Liners
Diaper Pail Liners
Diaper Pail Liners

Diaper Pail Liners

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These reusable cloth diaper pail liners are essentially massive wet bags that are designed to fit most cloth diaper pails and can hold up to 20 diapers. 

With the two straps atop you can hang the liner from a door, a horizontal pole, or chair. The elastic around the top allows you to fold over a pail or let the diapers breath if hung up instead.


  • holds up to 20 diapers
  • can hang or be inserted into a diaper pail
  • a zipper along the bottom allows you to empty the contents without getting your hands dirty
  • a pouch inside allows you to store dirty reusable wipes separately
  • a piece of bamboo fabric is sewn inside to place a drop or two of essential oil to reduce odour 

size: 26.77" high x 23.62" wide

material: polyester

care:  throw into the wash along with your cloth diapers each cycle with a cloth diaper friendly detergent.