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Decaf Espresso Beans

Decaf Espresso Beans

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Decaf (Organic Swiss Water Espresso)

This decaf espresso is supplied to us by Propeller Coffee in returnable and refillable pails with a custom airtight seal to make sure your beans remain fresh. How cool is that! 

  • Organic
  • Direct Trade Beans
  • B Corp Certified

The Swiss Water process produces 99.9% caffeine-free coffee, using only water, with no chemical additives, leaving the flavour of the coffee intact.  A delicious cup that won’t keep you up. Doubles as a great brewed coffee and espresso.

Tasting Notes: Hazelnut + Chocolate + Cherry


  • Peru (Certified Organic)

Pourover Brewing Parameters:

  • 24 grams medium-ground coffee
  • 384ml hot water
  • 2:30-3:00 minutes
  • 15g water : 1g coffee


The Swiss Water processing plant is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - where roasters and importers from around the globe send their coffee to be decaffeinated. First, they start with small batches of specialty coffee and green coffee extract. Then adding local water they monitor the time and temperature while the caffeine migrates from the coffee beans, monitoring the variables for 10 hours ensuring the flavour and character remain untouched. The final result is a caffeine-free coffee with the original character for a full and flavourful cup. Short video here: