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Coffee Filters
Coffee Filters
Coffee Filters
Coffee Filters
Coffee Filters

Coffee Filters

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Attention coffee lovers! Make a batch of your favourite brew with these reusable coffee filters made from 55% hemp and 45% cotton. These coffee filters are a sustainable, handmade alternative to disposable coffee filters that leave your cup tasting crisp and fresh without any aftertaste sometimes created by paper filters. 

How to Clean: Empty the grounds into your compost or use them in your garden. Rinse the filter allowing it to air-dry. For a deeper clean after months of use, boil in water for 3-5 minutes. 

Basket Cloth Coffee Filter

Size Two: 4"x6" 

Fits 4 - 6 cup drip

Size Four: 4"x7"

Fits 8 - 12 cup drip

Cone Cloth Coffee Filter

Size Two: 4"x6"

Fits 4 - 6 cup drip or 1 - 2 cup pourover

Size Four: 5"x7"

Fits 8 - 12 cup drip or 6 - 10 cup pourover

V Cone Cloth Coffee Filter (V60)

Size: 5"x7"

Intended for V60 pourover

Pour Over Style Cloth Coffee Filter (Chemex)

Size: 6"x11"

Intended for Chemex Style pourover