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Children's Hairbrushes
Children's Hairbrushes

Children's Hairbrushes

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For thicker children´s hair, 1 year and older.

Versatile hairbrushes for everyday care; provides easy grooming for thin, thick, fine and coarse hair types. These beautiful children's brushes have a soft, light bristle – because adult hairbrushes are usually too hard for children's sensitive scalps. The handle is made from all-natural waxed beechwood or waxed olive wood, which are highly resistant to wear and tear and durable enough for daily use.


  • Short - 15 cm, waxed olive wood handle, goat hair bristles
  • Long - 18.5 cm, waxed beechwood handle, goat hair bristles 

Care: Do not immerse your brush totally in water. Clean bristles with a mild soap and lukewarm water solution. Towel blot to remove excess moisture and air dry. Using the comb and brush cleaner, you can effortlessly remove all of the hair from your brushes. Simply move the moistened brush cleaner back and forth between the individual rows. Dry with the bristles pointing downward.

Do not put the olive wood brush into the dishwasher or treat with scratchy pads or sponges; rather, rinse them off and dry after use. Rub a little olive or sunflower oil into the olive wood occasionally to preserve its colour and extend its' life.