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trick or treat: 5 ways to reduce your environmental impact + still have a great halloween

Image by: Jakob Owens 

Author: Lindura 

It’s creeping up again, the spookiest (and one of the most wasteful) times of year. Halloween is almost here and Bare Market blogger Lindura has written an incredible 5-part series on how to have a sustainable (and fun!) Halloween.


If you’re anything like me, i.e. a lover of any excuse to dress up, decorate the house and eat too many sweets, then you most likely started jumping for joy as soon as the temperature dropped below 25°C. Halloween is on its way! But - if you’re anything like me - your stomach may also have started sinking at the thought of how to pull off this holiday without ditching your low-waste lifestyle.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, Halloween can be a very daunting holiday for the eco-conscious consumer. As the second largest shopping season after Christmas, one can only imagine the amount of stuff being bought, used once and then thrown away, lasting long after your jack-o-lanterns have rotted.

In fact, Canadians now spend more per capita on Halloween than Americans (gasp!). So how do we prevent $392 million worth of candy wrappers (yup, that's how much Canadians spent on candy and snacks alone in October 2016) from joining disposable decorations in the landfill this Halloween? Green Girl to the rescue! (Hmm...costume idea, anyone?)

Image by: Jakob Owens 


This year, don’t be haunted by thoughts of all the ghoulish garbage that is about to be created. Instead, take comfort in knowing that you can do your part by respecting these three R’s: Refuse what you don't need, Reuse what you already have and Reduce your consumption, realistically. Less is more this Halloween, and Bare Market has got your back with tips and tricks for creating Halloween festivities with at least half the waste and twice the fun!

Follow this 5-part series as we dive into everything from costumes and decor, to trick-or-treating and dealing with the Halloween aftermath. We promise this series is sure to be a thriller!

  • Part 1 - Dressing Up Without Letting the Earth Down
  • Part 2 - Haunting the House Not the Environment 
  • Part 3 - Eco-Friendly Halloween Activities 
  • Part 4 - Go Green With Your Halloween Giveaways 
  • Part 5 - How To Handle Halloween Waste 

Check back Monday for Part 1. 


About the Author: Lindura is a model with a passion for nature, travel, and healthy living. She loves discovering new ways to live waste-free, and was thrilled when her sister introduced her to the Bare Market. She is excited to share her package free journey, and connect with the community as Bare Market blogger. You can follow her and her sister on Instagram @plasticfreeto

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