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how to have a low-waste period

Photo by Josefin 

Author: Nathalie Dulong 

Did you know that there's a new way to do periods? You can now say goodbye to the waste associated with your monthly flow. Bare Market blogger Nathalie explains the new era of low-waste menstruation. 


Dearest Bare Ladies,

The period game has finally been changed! While mother nature can well, be quite messy, we don’t have to contribute to that mess anymore.

Away with the sticky pads, no more unreliable tampons, and gone are the days worrying about which pants you can pull off with “period underwear” on.

Periods have now become environmentally friendly and virtually hassle free! Thanks to less-waste champions like Bare Market my time of the month, is well, not so messy anymore.

So, I bet you’re asking yourself, how can this be?

Truthfully, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  • 1 menstrual cup – I used OrganiCup
  • 2 reusable cloth overnight pads
  • 3, or however many, reusable liners your heart desires   

This month was my first time using the products, and I swear my life has changed.

The Reusable Pads

I loved the pads from the moment I saw them. The designs are beautiful and unique, and they actually make your period feel… pretty. Imagine that. I looked at them 3 separate times after I bought them, and said “Ahh, I can’t wait to use these!”

The pads couldn’t be easier to use. You leave the patterned side facing up (so you’re constantly reminded that this monthly event doesn’t have to be so bad) and there’s a button that you clip around your underwear on the bottom. The pads come in 3 sizes – overnight use (heavy flow), day time use (regular flow), and a liner. Once you’re finished using the pad, rinse it with soap and warm water to remove any immediate stains, and then you can throw it in with a regular load of laundry. Brilliant, right?

Photo by Erol Ahmed 

The Menstrual Cup & Liners

As excited as I was about the pads, the idea of inserting the cup and knowing that this object would just stay inside of me all day made me very uneasy.  But luckily, once you get over the initial mental hurdle, it’s not intimidating at all! In all honesty, nervousness is warranted, but unnecessary. These cups do their job well.

For my first time I also used a new liner to compensate for any potential leaks and I had zero problems. The best part is, you can wear these liners with whichever kind of underwear you want during the day. Honestly, the key with the cup is to just relax and you will be A-okay.

Key Takeaway: Less Stress & No Mess

Ultimately, despite the initial fears of discomfort, the process gets much easier and so the cup becomes more useful. My favorite part by far is that you don’t need to worry about it at all during the day. You just insert the cup in the morning and remove it before bed. And getting through an entire period without throwing out a single bit of material is an amazing accomplishment! Not to mention, I’m excited for all the savings I’ll have each month now that I have my reusable products.

Although I still have a few things to learn about making this process as seamless as possible, I can tell you one thing, I’m never going back.


About the author: Nathalie Dulong is a BBA graduate, citizen of the world and lover of all things mother nature has to offer. She is excited to be collaborating with Bare Market as she’s a big proponent of package-free, local products and the zero waste lifestyle. She is excited by the incredible people she’s met– including staff, volunteers and customers–while working with Bare Market and is excited to keep bringing awareness to this environmental movement!

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