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how to create a sustainable beauty routine

Photo by Isabell Winter 

Author: Adelia Favret

Bathroom cabinet overflowing with bottles upon bottles of superfluous beauty products? Transitioning to a sustainable beauty routine can be tricky but Bare Market blogger Adelia is here to show you how you can adopt a minimalist approach and streamline your routine to make it better for the environment (and you!).

Transitioning to a lower-waste lifestyle can be tough, especially when it comes to your beauty routine. For many, makeup and beauty can be a way to express a personal style and perk up in the morning. However, a fair amount of the mainstream beauty market is unsustainable, unnecessary and over-packaged.

Personally, doing a bit of digging and finding out how unregulated most drugstore cosmetics are motivated me to make a change in my lifestyle and beauty routine. From plastic packaging to nasty chemicals, it can be challenging to sort through the greenwashing and find products that are actually good for you and the environment. As such, I’ve put together this simple guide to help others who, like me, are ready to change things up.

Step one: assess what you need-- and what you don’t

The first step I always use when making a change is to assess what I absolutely need, and where I’m willing to break up with a product. There are sustainable options for almost every beauty product you want, but the most sustainable choice is to go without. For example, I’ve recently chosen to forego my much loved mascara, and settle for just curling my eyelashes instead. A quality eyelash curler will last a lifetime, and it means I don’t have to send anymore mascara tubes to landfill when they run out.

Step two: find alternatives and phase them in

Even though I was ready to give up mascara, I refused to part with blush. Fortunately for me, Bare Market carries high quality loose bulk blushes that can be put into any container of your choosing, meaning I can purchase it without the packaging!

Once you’ve figured out exactly what products you can’t live without, it’s time to find sustainable alternatives. Finish up your current products as you usually would (no need to dispose of things, that’s just adding to the problem!), and then make mindful choices when replacing them.

Things like blush, eyeshadow, and foundation can be purchased in bulk, while other single-use products can be replaced with reusable versions of the products that come in less packaging and are made from less synthetic ingredients.

For example, one of my personal favourite reusable products are the Cheeks Ahoy Cotton Rounds; one swipe with a bulk oil and your makeup from the day is gone. Plus, they’re machine washable and high quality so you can get plenty of reuse out of them. These babies are also available at any Bare Market Pop-Up Shop.

Photo by Annie Spratt 

Step three: stay bare!  

Making the mindful transitions to a more sustainable lifestyle can be tough, but comes with so many benefits. Using less synthetic and sustainable products will leave your skin and brain feeling fresh, and it all comes with knowing you’re supporting good companies and values. And if you have any questions about switching to a package-free beauty routine you can always reach out the Bare Market team; they’re always happy to help! Swing by a Bare Market Pop-Up or send the team a message via Instagram, Facebook or e-mail.

About the author: Adelia is a fourth year student at Ryerson University in Toronto with a passion for the environment, music and travel. She’s very excited to be collaborating with Bare Market; as she feels that Bare Market is building community and bringing folks across the city together. You can follow Adelia’s adventures at, or on instagram @electriclia.

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