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back to school on a package-free budget - part 1

Image by: Aaron Burden

Here’s the thing. Back to School shopping is a HUGE marketing scam to try to get you to consume more. You JUST finished school what, 70 to 120 days ago, so we’re going to bet your old pencil case still work. And if not, you can easily learn how to repair the zipper for free at the next Toronto Repair Cafe.

We’ve got a LOT of information to share and so we’re breaking it up into 3 parts, 1 posted each day for the next 3 days. So make sure to check back tomorrow and the day after to get the goods.  

Today we’re revealing our top 3 tips for handling this years Back to School shopping frenzy. Tomorrow we’re sharing an in-depth list of low-waste alternatives (and where to get them!) for common Back to School products, and after that, we’ll offer up a few simple swaps for a truly litterless lunch.

Whether you’re pinching pennies, trying to create less trash, or gearing up to learn in style, this 3-part blog series is for you. Let’s get to it.  

Getting Started: Top 3 Tips

Here’s our go-to tips to help you navigate the Back to School craze without destroying the planet.

TIP 1: Shop your home. Two months is not a long time. You or your kids literally just finished the school year; you probably have years worth of supplies all over your house. Figure out what you already have before you buy new (or new to you).

TIP 2: Thrift stores, Kijiji, Bunz, The Toronto Tool Library and Sharing Depot, and FB Marketplace are your new best friends. Pop those tags. You’ve earned it when you shop secondhand. You’ve saved money, saved precious resources from ending up in the landfill and you’ll look way more stylish.

TIP 3: Opt for that “eco-friendly product” in single-use plastic packaging LAST.  Be an informed consumer. Although it’s still better to support small businesses that take sustainability seriously when you must purchase new, make sure you’re not falling prey to a greenwashing scheme.

What are your top 3 tips for Back to School? SHARE in the comments below!

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