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Seed Bombs - Butterfly Garden
Seed Bombs - Butterfly Garden
Seed Bombs - Butterfly Garden
Seed Bombs - Butterfly Garden

Seed Bombs - Butterfly Garden

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Seed Bombs are nurtient packed balls of clay, worm castings and native Canadian wildflower seeds. That grow native wildflowers, not weeds, these flowers have been picked specifically for their benefits to the natural world and for their aesthetic looks. Creating a beautiful garden in the palm of your hands.


The Butterfly Garden blend includes 6 wildflower species seeds and 4 seed bombs per pack:

  1. Blue Vervain - Verbena hastata
  2. Purple Prairie Clover - Dalea purpurea
  3. Common Milkweed - Asclepias syriaca
  4. Lavender Hyssop - Agastache foeniculum
  5. Canada Goldenrod - Solidago canadensis
  6. Square Stemmed Monkeyflower - Mimulus ringens

Range: Canada Zone 3-8  (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS, NL, PE) 

Best planted in the fall. Just before snow falls place onto the soil or at level with the ground. Cover with leaves for extra protection. Can be placed into the snow, as well. Can be grown in full sun or partial shade, not full shade. 

When can you expect a full bloom? 
Unlike annual or pre-established plants, native wildflower seeds take time. Most species will not flower/bloom the first year. The seed bombs are made with a ratio (generally 50/50) of wildflowers that can flower in the first year verse ones that do not. This is why only perennial wildflowers are used. Growing a native garden may not be what you’re used to when gardening. In most cases, the first year will look like green plants. 

How much space does it cover? 
One seed bomb covers one square foot, for the first year. The perennials spread out a little each year over time.