Reusable Interlabial Pad

Reusable Interlabial Pad

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The menstrual product you've never heard of! 

Worn between the labia - either folded in half, or rolled up lengthwise or from top to bottom. Interlabial pads can be worn with another reusable pad (i.e. liner, thong, etc.) and prevent gushing, or worn alone if your flow is very light. It can also be used for those who experience light inconsistence - new moms, this one's for you! 

Sold individually.

Patterns change seasonally. If you have a colour preference, please note it at checkout. We will do our best to accommodate based on what's currently available. 

 Care: After use, rinse under water. Use a stain remover stick or soap and warm water to remove any set stains. Let dry and wash in your regular load of laundry.