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Bamboo Charcoal Filter - Skinny Tiles

Bamboo Charcoal Filter - Skinny Tiles

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Filter your water completely plastic-free. Pure charcoal sticks will absorb impurities from your water leaving a fresh and clean taste. The skinny size fits perfectly in a water bottle - just toss it in your bottle and let it work its magic. 

To Use: Rinse charcoal under water then boil for 5 minutes. Allow to dry completely (in sun if possible!). Place in container and fill with water and wait one hour for filtered water. Once you’re out of water, let the charcoal dry, and fill up again. After 3 months, it's time to get a new piece of charcoal and use the previous piece as a deodorizer. 

You can also use these as a deodorizer from the get-go. The charcoal will leave a black mark on anything it touches, so place the charcoal stick in a cloth bag first and then toss in your shoes, your hockey bag or your fridge. 

Sold individually. Sizes vary slightly. Each tile is about 15g