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bare market soy candles
bare market soy candles
bare market soy candles
bare market soy candles
bare market soy candles

bare market soy candles

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Each candle comes with a kit to grow your own herbs in the jar after you've enjoyed burning your candle (planting instructions below). Handmade in Toronto!

size: 8oz

burn time: 40-50 hours

We recommend burning for 3-4 hours at a time. Allow the melted wax to reach the edges of the jar to prevent wax from building along the sides of the jar and tunneling.

supplier packaging: clean out your candle jar and return it to us for refill! Jar cleaning instructions below. 

- - - - eight options - - - -



hints of mulled cider + berries


hints of ginger + fig


hints of peach + mango


hints of French lavender


hints of earl grey + bergamot


hints of espresso + caramel


hints of amber + musk


hints of pine + campfire


how to clean your empty candle jar:

step 1

freeze finished candles. Just pop them in the freezer overnight.

step 2

the next morning, take a knife or spoon and start cracking the wax at the bottom. Once you get a crack, the entire wax bottom comes out in large pieces.

step 3

take a paper towel and wipe and little bits of wax left. You may need to use a little dab of water.

how to grow your herbs:

step 1

soak pellet in water to expand (~1 inches). Shake out excess water.

step 2

drop seeds in opening and gently cover seeds with the peat/dirt that's in the pellet once it rises.

step 3

place in sunny and warm spot. Water when semi-dry.

step 4

when roots being to show, add soil to maintain plant growth