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Onions (Organic)
Onions (Organic)
Onions (Organic)

Onions (Organic)

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All onions (except green) are sold individually. Green onions are sold by the bunch, and shallots are sold multiples of 10

Place of Origin
Green - Ontario 

Red - USA

Yellow - Ontario

White - USA

Shallots - USA


Average Weight

NOTE: some onions do come in well under/well over these weights, but we do our best to ensure that you receive what you are expecting by usually working out your order by weight. For example, if you order 10x onion @ 94g each, we would do our best to give you 940g of onions

Red - 454g/1lb

White - 330g/0.72lb

Yellow - 238g/0.53lb

Shallots - TBD

Produce pricing changes day to day based on market availability.