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back to school on a package-free budget - part 3

Image by: Caroline Attwood

If you’ve read Part 1 or Part 2 of this blog series, you know that Back to School shopping is a HUGE marketing scam to try to get you to consume more. You JUST finished school what, 70 to 120 days ago, so we’re going to bet your old pencil case still work. And if not, you can easily learn how to repair the zipper for free at the next Toronto Repair Cafe.

This is a 3 Part blog series and today we’re wrapping up (sans plastic)!

We first revealed our top 3 tips for handling this year’s Back to School shopping frenzy. Yesterday we shared an in-depth list of low-waste alternatives (and where to get them!) for common Back to School products. Today we’re offering a few simple swaps for a truly litterless lunch. Whether you’re pinching pennies, trying to create less trash, or gearing up to learn in style, this blog series is for you.

Litterless Lunch Box

Lunch is an important part of going back to school. It’s where lifelong friends meet and where you can take a much needed brain nap. It’s also the time during the school day that generates the most waste, in terms of both food and packaging.  We’ll leave food waste to tackle for another post. For now, here are some of our favourite litterless lunch box swaps.

  • Drop that leachy plastic container you're thinking of buying, and try an Onyx stainless steel one instead. Leakproof options and food grade materials make this a no-brainer.  Grab a condiment container to keep salad dressings, yogurt, ketchup, or jelly for that nut-free PB&J. Plus, they’ll last a lifetime, can be heated in the oven or on the stovetop, and you can use a non-permanent marker to draw or write on the outside.

    • Say buh-bye to the ice pack and hello to this lightweight alternative! Ingredient list? Stainless steel, distilled water. You’re welcome.

      • Peace out disposable cutlery! We’ve got stainless steel cutlery sets including a mini fork, mini spoon and chopsticks perfect for your babe’s fingers. Packed away in a blue, pink, black or silver travel case – so sleek even your kid won’t lose it.

        • Zip lock bags and plastic wrap no more. We’ve got designs, on designs, on designs of waterproof and reusable snack bags, as well as beeswax and vegan wraps galore.  

        • What about those pesky plastic straws? Short stainless steel straws are perfect for pairing with a kids size reusable cup. If you’ve got sensitive teeth, try out our bamboo straws instead! Or go strawless and stop sucking.

        All aforementioned products can be found at our Bare Market Pop-Ups. Speaking of which - we’re at Bloor Borden Farmers’ Market today (Wednesday Aug 29th, 2018) from 3-7pm. Come get your swap on.

        Do you have other tips, tricks or simple swaps? Let us know in the comments below!

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